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Welcome to the
Franklin (Uk) Ltd


Standard Cases

We have many types of case available from cases for turntables, to rack cases and much much more. There are so many cases available for 19" kit that we no longer make these cases ourselves, however we will modify them to suit the customers requirements.

Custom Cases

For those pieces of equipment that do not have a special case available, then we will design and build one from scratch... Many live mixers these days do not have off the self cases that will work and so the majority of our new designs are for these live mixers.

But we can make any size case for anything! so if you have something a little bizzare that you need a custom case for then please get in touch!

Custom Colours

So if you choose a custom case, then why settle for the standard black flightcase? when you can have some vibrant colours to personalise your case... Bright red, blue yellow, orange to matc your corporate style... a local sound production company has a blue logo, so we build there cases in royal blue so they can instantly see their cases when mixed with other companies flight cases back stage.

More information is on the main Case website