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Welcome to the
Franklin (Uk) Ltd



We offer bespoke systems and "off the shelf" systems suitable for home, office or gaming machines... We are also specialists in building quality audio/video workstations. Servers and networking solutions are also handled in house so you can have the piece of mind that we are able to supply the correct hardware suitable for your needs.

Proactive Maintenance

We offer a mainenance service for Desktops, Laptops, Servers and Network infrastructure. We can spend a day at your site to go through every aspect of your network from the router to the end users. Most people have networks in their homes these days which are not secure and it only takes a rogue email to cause all sorts of security issues on your computers...

So even if you only have one PC, get in touch with us to find out more about this service.


Our support services are second to none.... from basic "how do you..." to a complete system rebuild after drive failures. We also offer a remote support for customers where we can dial in to your system and fix errors without visiting you!

So for anything from setting up some software or hardware to migrating your files from an old pc to a new one, give us a call today.